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Information Release - Chief Warren Grams,  Posted on 3/14/2024

March 14, 2024

The Pagosa Fire Protection District would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family of former PFPD Fire Chief Warren Grams.

Chief Warren Grams exemplified the ethical character traits all firefighters strive for: professionalism, integrity, compassion, loyalty and honesty.

Long before his career in the fire service, Warren dedicated himself to the US Navy where he served from 1955-1975 as a Chief Petty Officer. He moved to Pagosa Springs, CO in May of 1980 and joined the Pagosa Springs Volunteer Fire Department shortly after.  Before holding the title of Fire Chief from 1991-2007, Warren served as firefighter, engineer and captain.  He took great pride in mentoring all those around him.  During his service, he helped combine the Pagosa Springs Fire Department and the Pagosa Lakes Fire Department into the current organization of Pagosa Fire Protection District.  Chief Grams helped PFPD grow from a small emerging district into a modern and progressive one; this was accomplished not only with equipment and apparatus, but also with the service and training of volunteer firefighters.

What kind of a man stands with integrity, demonstrates loyalty, embodies courage, displays responsible stewardship, and earns respect from all ranks?  For you, the words role-model, leader, even hero come to mind; for this firefighter, the word friend comes before those.   A friend who inspires learning, encourages self-development, laughs with you and at you, celebrates the victories and holds your hand as you grieve together is the truest definition of a leader.

A memorial service will be held to honor Chief Grams’ life and dedication to the Pagosa Fire Protection District and our community.  A date for the memorial service has not been set at this time.

Rest easy Chief Grams, we’ll take it from here.

# # #

Approved: Karn Macht
                        Deputy Fire Chief