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Code Enforcement & Fire Inspections

You will receive a call and/or an email regarding scheduling your annual fire inspection. At the scheduled date and time, the fire inspector will show up and conduct a fire inspection. During the inspection if any violations are found they will be pointed our to the owner/representative the inspector meets with. After the inspection, the inspector will create a report to reflect the violations and email it to the owner/representative with a date and time for re-inspection. Re-inspections are typically scheduled 2 weeks from initial inspection. If the date and time for the re-inspection is not conducive to your schedule call at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled re-inspection for rescheduling. If no violations are found, or violations have been repaired in the presence of the inspector, you will receive a report reflecting that violations have been repaired. You must keep at least 3 years of records on site to be accessed by the fire marshal or fire inspector upon request. Records that shall be kept on site include: fire inspections, fire alarm inspections, sprinkler inspections, hood suppression inspections, and hood cleaning records.


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