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Plan Review

When you are ready to submit plans for plan review you will need to fill out an application. They can be found via the links below or you can pick up a complete application packet at our administration offices at 165 N. Pagosa Blvd.

Applications and plan reviews will only be accepted if they are filled out completely. If the application(s) is not filled out completely, you will be notified and the process will start over. You must also submit the appropriate fee in the form of  cash or check with your application and plans for the plan review process to begin. Please allow 21 days for review after a complete submittal is submitted. Once the plan review is completed you will be notified by email.


    Fee Schedule.docPre-Fire Plan Safety ChecklistPlan Review Application.pdfFood Truck Plan Review Application.pdfFire Alarm Plan Review Application.pdfHood Installation Plan Review Application.pdfHood Suppression Plan Review Application.pdfType I Hood Suppression SystemPaint Booth Suppression Plan Review Application.pdfSuppression Plan Review Application.pdfFireworks Display ApplicationTent ApplicationComplete Event Packet 2024.pdf