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ICE RESCUE TRAINING, Posted on 10-02-202

Date:  February 9, 2021

Information Release – Ice Rescue Training



Emergencies on the ice can occur quickly and unexpectedly in Pagosa Country.  Training for ice emergencies is important to keep firefighters current with their knowledge and skills for employing the most efficient techniques to assist both people and animals that may find themselves in trouble.


PFPD firefighters spent their Saturday training on different methods of rescuing people who have fallen through the ice.  Firefighters trained using all devices that PFPD has available for ice rescue including ropes, floating slings, rescue boat and in-water person-to-person rescue.


It is important to remember while firefighters train on techniques that allow successful rescues, the only way to completely prevent falling through ice is to stay off it.  Ice conditions can change rapidly throughout the day and from day to day causing unpredictable variations in ice thickness and sturdiness.


Check our Facebook page, Pagosa Fire Protection District, for crew updates and pictures.