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ANNUAL HOSE TESTING, Posted on 22-07-2019

May contain: grass, plant, and person

Date:  July 12, 2019

Information Release – Annual Hose Testing


Members of Pagosa Fire Protection District, with partners from Archuleta County Office of Emergency Management, are working to complete annual fire hose testing requirements.


Every year, each section of fire hose must be tested according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations to ensure durability and safety.  Hose is tested at varying pounds per square inch depending on the size of the hose; each test last for five minutes.  Hose must withstand pressure test, show no signs of undue stress, fraying, or coupling wear in order complete testing successfully.  Once the hoses have passed, they will be available for use and put into rotation on each fire apparatus.


Hose testing is a time-consuming process as each hose must be laid out, prepped, tested, and put back into service.  Crew members and volunteers are working daily on the project with plans to have this year’s hose testing completed by early August.


Check our Facebook page, Pagosa Fire Protection District, for crew updates and pictures.


Submitted by: Pagosa Fire Protection District Public Information Division

Approved:  Karn Macht, Deputy Fire Chief